Djellabas and moroccan clothes

In this category we find moroccan inspired clothes, djellabas, gandoras, jabadors...Very eye-catchy and comfy clothes. There is a large variety of qualities because in Morocco, these are used to get dressed, for going out, for party or streetwear, that means some of the clothes can reach large amounts of money. We choose an economic quality designed for wearing at home or to go to the beach... household and casual use. One size fits all. For information, the model on the picture is 1,65m tall. The gandoras are 138 cm at waist.

Moroccan lamps

Arabian and Andalusian style lamps from Morocco . On-line sales of a large variety of designs, sizes and prices for Arabian ceiling lamps, Moroccan salt lamps, Moroccan leather and henna lamps, and metal lamps. Quality guaranteed.

Hanging wall lamps

Arabian hanging wall lamps from Morocco, all classic and modern styles available. Moroccan leather and henna hanging wall lamps, copper hanging wall lamps, aluminium, parchment, brass, etc. Arabian hanging wall lamps in all sizes and prices.

 Moroccan fossils

Fossils from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains , such as orthoceras , paradoxides , goniatitas ,trilobites , ammonites . We also have decorative fossils from Morocco made from fossilised marmolite.

Moroccan leather bags and backpacks

Moroccan bags and hand-wrought leather backpacks . A selection of quality and design at the best prices. Colour dyed moroccan bags, hard leather bags, all types of Moroccan backpacks .