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  • WHY US?
    • Artesanía-marroquí.com from the beginning had its objective in the online sale of Moroccan craftsmanship. We have specialized in the e­­-commerce of exclusive articles from Morocco, the only country from which we import our products.
      Initially our market was Spain, main consumer/knower of this type of craftsmanship, in a very competitive market. After years of work and effort to maintain us, the experience has allowed us to open to the international market. We believe that the craftsmanship is excellent, the attention to detail very impressive, and the care in packaging very professional. We try to keep prices as low as possible, but above all, we work with high quality articles.
      You can know more about us in our blog here.
    • Artesanía-marroquí.com is located in Algeciras, main harbour with Morocco. All our stuff has had business or commercial contact with our neighboring country/brother, and of course some kind of experience on a sentimental level as well.
      With this experience we decided to work in the sector that most attracts us, its craftsmanship. We consider ourselves fortunate to have this work in relation to this fascinating and so close country in our lives/hearts.
      There are many reasons why Moroccan craftsmanship has always been very successful in Spain because of the ties that unite us. Any of us have in mind some Moroccan decorative object. On the other hand, is a fair trade, we buy directly from the craftsmen. There are no monopolies or large distribution companies. Do not forget that Algeciras is closer to Marrakech than to Madrid. And, for me, the most important thing, we pay directly to the craftsmen who sell us their bags, backpacks, lamps or tables.
      We pay directly to Berber families who sell us their carpets. And we are proud of paying a fair price to the artisan, we are a direct link between them and our customers. Our clients, make it possible, a philanthropic work every time they buy handicrafts from Morocco, I might say from any country.

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