Moroccan Tea Glasses and Sugar Bowl

Beautifully decorated tea glasses with arabic designs and different colours. Very attractive for presenting green tea or black tea to your guests. These glasses can withstand the temperature of the hot boiling tea. We recommend washing them by hand in order to preserve well their shine and decoration. We discourage strongly washing them in the dishwasher machine.

Sugar Bowls hand made with moroccan design carved in metal of a high quality which is stainless and with a lid.

9.50  6.65 
Juego de vaos multicolor con dibujos geométricos termograbados de color plateado sobre el cristal de color . Medidas 5,5 * 8,5 cms . Apto para ser lavado en...
8.50  5.95 
Set of six large tea glasses. They are used in the North of Morocco, and are filled with mint leaves before pouring hot tea. Measurements: 5.5 cm (base...
10.50  7.35 
Set of six of glass tea cups with silver drawings and a frosted band. A very delicate job with a very atractive result. Dishwasher safe. Measures: 5,5 cms...
11.00  7.70 
Bonito azucarero de metal grabado con patas , lo enviamos con un penacho decorativo ue puede ser rojo o azul . Medidas 12,5 cms de alto por 11,5 de ancho .
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Sugar Bowls
12.00  8.40 
Glass crystal bowl and alpaca.