Thuya Wood Boxes

A long time ago there were vast Thuja forests in South Morocco. Nowadays, this wood´s supply is limited, but thanks to sustainable exploitation initiatives we can still enjoy this precious wood in limited amounts. This wood comes from the thuja tree trunks and roots, being the root darker and knotted. This wood is very resistant and our Moroccan artisans craft wonderful pieces with it. Can be used for storing items or simply as a decorative object.

Big Octagonal Jewelry Box TY10
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Hexagonal Thuya wood Box TY1
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Hexagonal Thuya Wood Box TY3
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Large Thuya Wood box without lock TY14
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Medium Octogonal Box TY5
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Medium Wooden Box TY8
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Simple Wooden Box with Key TY7
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Square Thuya wood box TY11
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Thuya Root Desk Box TY12
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