Square and rectangular Moroccan side tables

We’ve got Moroccan tables in different shapes and sizes. They can be used as Nightstand, side tables or coffee tables, all with a classical Moroccan style. Some models can be ordered with special measures or finishes on request.

Delivery time is 2 days later than normal one for the large tables or those tables with glass.

Save 20%
Blue square Moroccan Moucharabie table M40
In stock
125.00  100.00 
Save 4%
Marrakech square table with orange bone M44N
In stock
245.00  235.00 
Save 4%
Mesa cuadrada de mosaico MR4
In stock
540.00  520.00 
Save 7%
Mesa cuadrada Marrakech grande MR2
In stock
450.00  420.00 
Save 11%
Mesa plateada de 50 cm MR3
In stock
285.00  255.00 
Save 3%
Mesa rectangular de mosaico MR1
In stock
620.00  600.00 
Save 32%
Mesita árabe auxiliar blanca MRC3
In stock
95.00  65.00