Arabic Ceiling Lamps

Arabic style ceiling lamps look as wonderful in a living room or bedroom as in an office entrance, a kitchen, a porch, etc. Offered in a variety of designs and materials, our lamps have remarkable good quality and finishes, ranging from the simplest to the most elaborated design. If you are looking for lamps for large spaces, click on the Large Lamps section.

How to buy our lamps:

All our lamps are sent with a chain and a simple cable cover. Some also include the electrical installation and in others is optional.The electrical installation is really simple and the elements can be found in any ironmongery. In any case, the equipment included in the price is indicated in the description of each lamp. All the electrical elements of our lamps comply with EEC regulations and are assembled in our warehouse.

In the "Accessories" section we offer ceiling hook rosette, supports and hooks. 

Save 50%
Red Rawhide and Wrought Iron Lamp LP28R
In stock
42.00  21.00 
Save 10%
Cylindrical Lamp LCCh
In stock
29.00  26.00 
Large Openwork Iron Lamp LCH4peq.
In stock
Save 13%
64.00  55.60 
Save 20%
Medium Multicolored Star Lamp LEC
In stock
44.00  35.00 
Large Cylindrical Lamp LCG
In stock
Save 35%
Square Frosted Glass Lamp LR
In stock
54.00  35.00 
Lámpara Marrakech pequeña 2 SCPN
In stock
Lámpara Redouan color LF24C
In stock
Save 9%
Lámpara Redouan cristal esmerilado LF24E
In stock
43.00  39.00 
Save 33%
60.00  40.00 
Merzouga Colored Glass Lamp LNMC
In stock
Save 34%
65.00  43.00 
Frosted Glass Merzouga Lamp LNM
In stock
Menara Lamp LMgr
In stock
Candle Lamp LF15
In stock
Save 20%
Large Dar El Beïda White Lamp LF16
In stock
60.00  48.00