Artisan leather lighting

The leather lamps are made on an iron structure on which they sew a goat skin and let it dry in the powerful sun of southern Morocco, exposure to the sun causes the skin to shrink, leaving it smooth and tight.

In our selection we have table or floor lamps, which come with the electrical installation with switch included, and ceiling, in which the electrical installation is optional. All the elements of the electrical installation have EEC certification and are installed in our warehouse.

In the wall lights and ceiling lights sections, we have more items made with this technique, some matching the lamps we show.

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Red Rawhide and Wrought Iron Lamp LP28R
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42.00  21.00 
White, Purple and Red Rawhide and Wrought Iron Floor Lamp LP11
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Wrought blue leather lamp 1,30m LP130az
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Wrought Iron and Rawhide Floor Lamp LP1
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Wrought Iron and Rawhide Wall Light AP7
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