Cane lamps

In the rural areas of Morocco, the divisions of the plots are marked with canes. The farmers prune them and take them to the villages, where they cut and braid them giving shape to beautiful rustic lamps, giving a natural and ecological touch to our decoration. We bring them to Spain, where we assemble simple electrical installations (CEE standard) fastened to the rope from which they hang. We send them ready to hang.

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Cane Lamp LCÑ1
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25.00  15.00 
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Cylindrical cane lamp LCÑ2
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18.50  12.00 
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Lámpara abierta LCÑ7
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Lámpara campana grande LCÑ3
Lámpara campana mediana LCÑ4
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Lámpara campana pequeña LCÑ5
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Lámpara esférica pequeña LCÑ6.0