The Arabic lanterns or menaras are the decorative elements of the Arab adornment. Some lanterns can be hung from the wall or placed on table or on the floor. The menaras are very used to decorate terraces, gardens and swimming pools.They can also decorate interiors. We have got Arabic lamps of different sizes in our catalogue. They are made in copper, iron or silver plated metal. A candle or light bulb base can be installed on it.


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Al Yazira Lantern 110cm FCCM
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245.00  225.00 
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Al Yazira Lantern 165cm FCCG
460.00  390.00 
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Al Yazira Lantern 80cm FCCP
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120.00  105.00 
Assillah Lantern 62cm FVMM
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Assillah Lantern 78 cm FVMG
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Large Alpaca Lantern FAG
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Large Copper Lantern FCDG
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Low Copper Lantern FCDC
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95.00  70.00