Large Arabic Lamps

In this category we have Arabian lamps larger than 70cm. These are the most spectacular lamps.

All the lamps are sent with chain and some with a simple ceiling hook rosette. The options and possibilities of each model are explained in the description os each lamp.

In the "Accessories" section we offer ceiling hook rosette, supports and hooks. All electrical elements are assembled in Spain, with material of European regulations.

Larger lamps are shipped in a wooden box, with instructions for handling and assembly

Al Yazira Lantern 80cm FCCP
In stock
Save 12%
Asfi Lamp 72 cm GL9
In stock
170.00  150.00 
Save 20%
Bab Doukala lamp 1 metre GL10
In stock
150.00  120.00 
Save 7%
Floor lamp with Wax sphere GL11
290.00  270.00 
Giant copper and crystal lamp GL1G
In stock
Giant copper lamp with yellow and translucent crystals GL12
In stock
Save 11%
Giant drop lamp with drawings made with drill LC11
In stock
420.00  375.00 
Save 15%
Giant Drop Lamp with Drawings Made with Saw LC10
In stock
650.00  550.00 
Gigantic Star Copper Lamp GLEC