What is a Menara?

The Word “Menara” comes from the Arabic term “Al Manar”, which means lighthouse. Figuratively speaking, Menara lamps could be described as small lighthouses because of their shape and functionality, as well as for the spectacular light they provide.

Our Menaras

Perfectly finished in thick iron sheet, our Menaras have a swing door with a lock and a candleholder. The specified height of the Menaras includes the handles.


Once you have chosen your Menara you can choose the color and the electrical fixtures.

Available Colors

-Rust: To get this rust patina, the Menara is moistened and sealed.

-Matte Black: This finishing is obtained by applying a layer of paint directly on the iron sheet.

Elextrical Fixtures

 By default, our Menaras come with a candleholder to use it with candles. To be used with electrical bulbs, we offer the option of adapting the lantern with a basic set of electrical fixtures. This option can be requested to be fixed at our warehouse, by selecting the option “Menara+EF”, at an additional charge of 9 euros.

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Extra Large Menara 120 cm M120
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95.00  75.00 
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Menara Koutoubia MKT
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Extra Large White Menara M4B
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Extra Large Menara M4
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Menara Koutoubia 120 cm MKT120
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Large Djiebel Lantern DJ3
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Medium Djiebel Lantern DJ2
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Large White Menara M3B
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