Wall & Ceiling Lights

The wall and ceiling lamps are fundamental parts to create an Arabian ambience in a decoration proyect. Moroccan wall and ceiling lamps create a very interesting Arabian illuminations. These Moroccan light fixtures are very simple and easy to install, just hang them from the wall hiding the bulb. Irequires no electrical installation.




Save 6%
Aged copper wall light AC17
In stock
80.00  75.00 
Save 10%
Alhoceima colored wall light AL26
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39.00  35.00 
Save 13%
Aluminium wall lamp with star patterns and a sharp point AA17
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32.00  28.00 
Save 17%
Aluminium wall light with berber features AA16
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36.00  30.00 
Save 27%
Aplique de cobre pequeño AC19
48.00  35.00 
Save 21%
48.00  38.00 
Save 14%
35.00  30.00 
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Arabic Pattern Openwork Yellow Copper Wall Light AC15
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60.00  48.00 
Save 38%
Arabic Style Openwork Iron and Brass Wall Light AL15
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40.00  25.00