Wall & Ceiling Lights

The wall and ceiling lamps are fundamental parts to create an Arabian ambience in a decoration proyect. Moroccan wall and ceiling lamps create a very interesting Arabian illuminations. These Moroccan light fixtures are very simple and easy to install, just hang them from the wall hiding the bulb. Irequires no electrical installation.




Copper demi lantern wall light,  made out of double golden copper sheet for extra thickness. This piece has a great quality and...
45.00  40.50 
Sheet and parchement lamp with a dark copper color. Measures: height 35 cm, width 18 cm, depth 11 cm.
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Copper Wall Light
35.00  19.50 
Openwork bronze and copper wall sconce model AC2. Measurements: Height 18.5cm, width 16.5cm, depth 8.5cm, weight 260 gr.
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36.00  28.00 
Arabic lamp of brass and lacquered copper. The particularuty of this lamp is that the figure of copper is made with a hacksaw, hole by hole. Measures:
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Aluminium wall lamp made with patterns of stars and a sharp point. Measures: height 27,5 cms, width 12,5 and depth 5cms. In our craft shop you could...
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60.00  40.00 
Wonderful Arabic style copper lamp, very luminous with arabic stars pattern, this lamp is handmade with a hacksaw. Measures: height 25 cm, width 15cm,...
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Stunning openwork bronze lamp decorated with ethnic drawings bordered with a copper cord. Matching the Tan Tan copper lamp . Measures:...
Arabic aluminium walll lamp with the hand of Fatima. Measures: height 27 cms. width 17,5 cms. depth 8,5 cms. In our...
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21.00  12.00 
Arabic aluminium wall light with berber patterns. Measures: height 25,5 cm. width 24 cm. depth 11 cm. In our craft shop you could find...
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