Wall & Ceiling Lights

The wall and ceiling lamps are fundamental parts to create an Arabian ambience in a decoration proyect. Moroccan wall and ceiling lamps create a very interesting Arabian illuminations. These Moroccan light fixtures are very simple and easy to install, just hang them from the wall hiding the bulb. Irequires no electrical installation.




Arabic Style Openwork Iron and Brass Wall Light AL15
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Copper Wall Light AC2
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Save 50%
Long Copper Wall Light AC8
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70.00  35.00 
Large Medieval Style Openwork Iron Wall Light AL19
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Large Openwork Iron Wall Light AL18
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32.00  25.00 
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Openwork Iron and Resin Wall Light AL7
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30.00  20.00 
Medium medieval style iron sheet wall lamp AL22
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Berber aluminium wall lamp AA9
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27.00  14.00 
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Aluminium wall light with berber features AA16
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21.00  12.00