Boucherouite Rugs

The Boucherouite rugs can be seen all over Morocco. They are made by families using textile. We select only some of them where we find a certain esthetical value and a careful confection, which enables us to offer an attractive article of a high quality.

80.00  60.00 
Medium size Besharaouit rug. Wool and cotton. The design is based in color bands, also some orange colored diamond shapes made with thread. Measures: 147 x...
60.00  30.00 
Boucherouite rug with red and white squares. It is a second-hand rug. It has two edge defects and does not affect the use of the rug.  Materials: cotton,...
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70.00  50.00 
Boucharaouit rug made with leftover fabrics in Morocco Materials: wool, cotton and leftover fabrics 
115.00  55.00 
Boucherouite rug used, but without any damage, with a traditional coloured diamond-pattern Materials: wool, cotton and textilleftover fabrics
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