We have got Kilims of different types and sizes from the most diverse regions of Morocco. Antique and new Kilims. The kilim is a carpet without knots. The Moroccan kilims are made of wool and in some cases with vegetal silk (sabra). Most of our kilims are pre-washed, in any case, we always indicate when they are pre-washed to conserve their colors in the following washes made by the buyer.        

We ensure that we will reimburse you or replace the product if you are not satisffied for any reason.

Beige Kelim 97 cm x180 cm K247
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Kelim 146x222 cms K261
In stock
210.00  179.00 
Save 19%
Kelim 87x175 cms K264
In stock
158.00  128.00 
Kilim 074x130cm K302
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Kilim 084x140 cm K281
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Kilim 085x185 cm Beni oUarain K323
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Save 20%
Kilim 086x137cm K301
In stock
125.00  100.00 
Kilim 088x145 cm desteñido K322
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Kilim 091x148 cm beige K325
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