Leather Backpacks

We offer a wide variety of the best leather backpacks in Morocco, guaranteeing the best value for money. Made in craft workshops in Moroccan medinas.

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How to choose my Moroccan leather backpack?

Moroccan leather is tanned naturally and ecologically, handmade and without chemical additives without much treatment, that's why Moroccan leather articles give the feeling of being almost "raw".

Depending on the treatment we give them and after tanning we have the following types of backpacks:


  • Camel color: leather is not treated after tanning, except for a greased layer that can reveal the stains of raw leather, acquiring a shade of use over time.
  • Dyed cognac: dark brown, burgundy ... This light dye darkens the leather in a uniform color that makes imperceptible the possible spots that can be seen in the camel color.

Without greasing: They wear an opaque dye that gives a uniform color to the leather which prevents the visibility of possible spots on the skin. These backpacks can be applied waterproof leather grease that, in addition to protecting them from water, acquire an elegant dark color.You can apply waterproof leather grease to these backpacks that, in addition to protecting them from water, acquire an elegant dark color.

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Backpack with Carabiner Closure MMCH
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Goat Leather Backpack MMS
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Hard Leather Backpack MM5
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Large Papillon Backpack MPGm
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