Leather bags

Maroccan Leather bags.These bags are 100% genuine cow or goat leather, guarantee of quality and durability. These leather bags are  slightly dyeing with a touch of colour and later greased. The difference of these bags with respect to the colour is that the dyeing in these bags is so light that it is appreciated the texture of the leather and the own patches of the skin of the animal. This finished transmits a feeling of an article made in almost raw leather suitable for the public who loves leather.


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Beldi bag BM57
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Bolso Aïcha BM6
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Bolso cartera mediano BM111
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Bolso de cuero blando cuadrado BM110
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Bouschra leather bag BM99
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Fringed Bag BHGm
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Hadija Leather Bag BM68
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Kaltom bag BM20p
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