Travel Bags

Hand sewn leather travel bags, wonderfully finished. These bags are made of thick and resistant leather, and are available in a variety of styles.

Al Yazira Travel Bag BV13
In stock
Save 33%
Braided Leather Travel Bag BV4m
In stock
66.00  44.00 
Save 24%
Ethnic travel bag BV3m
In stock
42.00  32.00 
Save 25%
Extra large Casablanca travel bag BV6G
In stock
120.00  90.00 
Save 22%
Extra Large Zippered Leather Travel Bag BV11G
In stock
115.00  90.00 
Humphrey Travel Bag BV2
In stock
Save 20%
Large Travel Bag with two zippers BV11
In stock
100.00  80.00 
Save 27%
Large Ethnic Travel Bag BV3G
In stock
66.00  48.00 
Large Simple Leather Travel Bag BV8
In stock