Artesanía marroquí , turns 10

by Raúl Espinosa
How time flies! !!!

Ten years ago, Antonio de la Varga, being at a crossroads of life which all go through, decided to turn in his life; I will never regret it.
By my knowledge of Arabic, French and English already had extensive experience in trade with our brother country, in the field of fisheries. A hard life that allowed me to deeply know the way of thinking and trade in Morocco.

In fact, standing in the breach for so long time is, in itself, a great success. A success shared with all our customers and followers. Shared with the artisans who strive to satisfy us, shared with those families of the Atlas who sell us their carpets. They welcome us with open arms when we arrive in our old Mercedes van.

I am particularly proud to serve as a nexus between the two countries. Our customers are true philanthropists,They help a lot with its shopping. They help many families. I would not have room to comment each situation in which our/your economic support has been of great support to humble families, thanks again.

On the occasion of this anniversary we offer a wooden gift box for purchases over 40 euros (hyperlink).

Personally, after a lifetime dedicated to the cold and speculative fish trade, this type of trade is very enriching and rewarding. Thanks to our customers I can afford this way of life, without luxury, but very very rich in experiences.

I have to name my great work team.Obviously, without them, this machine would not work:
SARA MUÑOZ, responsible for warehouse, customer service, administration.


RAJAE LAZAAR, responsible and assistant of purchases in Morocco. She speaks Arabic, French and Tamazight, always in defense of the Arab woman, and especially the Berbers.



JOSE LUIS CANALES financial advice. He is in charge of shaping a difficult accounting.



RAUL ESPINOSA, Conformedia Informática S.L. The magician who makes this work, thanks to his enthusiasm and commitment we have this modern web.


 ANTONIO DE LA VARGA, web design, photography, shopping, large budgets. Spanish, French, Arabic and English. 


PABLO DE la VARGA, 18 years old, web design, English translation, more interested in the waves of Morocco than in handicrafts ... will be the age ...