Discounts and Special Offers

 We currently have three types of discounts or special offers available on our website:

-Free delivery

-Discount voucher orders over 50 euros.

-Discount voucher orders over 100 euros.
-Valentine's day
1-. Free delivery: (only within spanish territory):

For purchases over € 80 (incl. VAT), delivery costs are free. When you add items worth 80 euros or more, the program will automatically cancel the delivery costs, provided it is within the spanish territory.
2 .Save 5 euros off orders over 50 euros.  With discount voucher:

  If purchases are made over 50 euros, a discount for future purchases of 5 euros. To obtain this discount, an e-mail is sent to the client with a discount code to be inserted in the shopping cart in future purchases.
3. Save 12 euros off orders over 100 euros.With discount voucher :

 If purchases are made over 100 euros, our online store offers a discount of 12 euros for future purchases. As in the previous promotion, to activate such a discount just enter the discount code in the shopping cart before making the payment.
The offer of these discount coupons cannot be added or accumulated, for example for any purchases over 100 euros, you will get the discount coupon of 12 euros, replacing the discount of 5 euros, not adding it.
The special offer of free delivering costs(only for the spanish territory) is maintained in addition with those of the discount coupons.

How to use your discount coupon:

When you are ready to use your discount coupon click on the dropdown cart menu at the right hand side of the menu on top and click on the "View cart" button. Then click the option "Promo code". Insert your promotion code there and click the button to update the total in your cart.
The discount coupon promotions can't be accumulated in the same purchase. A purchase of 100€ or more will give you one coupon of 12€ and cancel the coupon of 5€.


4-.Valentine's day. Artesanía-marroquí.com gives our registered customers a free heart shaped thuja box with any order over 30 euros. The box is automatically added to the shoping cart cost 0.